Lesson 41. Future Tense. लृट् लकार।                                                                              
i must first of all apologize for the complete silence that i have maintained over the past two months......but i do have a solid excuse..... we have been working on our 'Sanskrit Aradhana', a five month course in basic Sanskrit and , honestly, 24 hours a day was not enough.
i have been hoping that you have missed me....which means that you have taken up the study of Sanskrit seriously. Today, let's learn the future tense form of verbs.
With this lesson you should be able to make sentences like
1. I will go home tomorrow.
2. She will study only when she has exams.
3. Janmashtami will be celebrated next month in our village.
There are no particular rules as to how the future tense forms are derived. Basically,  इस्य or  इष्य is added to the present tense form of the original dhatu of the verb to create a future tense form. It is through sheer reading, re-reading and the use of the words themselves, which will help you to memorize the forms.

 Supplement 31 will give you the complete table of a few forms in both the P.P. and the A.P. and  Supplement 32will give you a list of how to decline the future tense of a few commonly used verbs by stating the प्रथमपुरुष-एकवचनम् forms. Then based on  Supplement 31 you can easily decline the verbs that have been listed in Supplement 32
Read the supplements first, then  attempt to translate the exercises or else you'll land up with goof ups like अहं पश्यिष्यामि instead of  अहं द्रक्ष्यामि !!
                                                   We take on the exercises in the next Lesson 41 A

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