Exercises with the विधिलिङ्

Nouns Adjectives
      Tea N चायम्          More
      अधिकः- अधिकं - अधिका
      Coffee F कापी  
       अनपेक्षितः - अनपेक्षितं - अनपेक्षिता
      Guest M अतिथिः     
      Meeting place N सभागृहम्    




1. During exams students should/must/ought to study.
2. The Guru should ask the boy a question.
3. A child ought to drink milk, not tea or coffee.
4. Your bag should have money.
5. You should cook a little more food. How else can you serve an unexpected guest?
6. Students should learn the Sanskrit language.( Every self-respecting Indian worth his/her salt should be learning Sanskrit.....if you ask me.)
7. In the meeting place of the learned, a fool ought to "wear" silence.
8. Becoming Shiva, (one) should worship Shiva. (use the word यज् 1. U.P.)
9. How would I take a bath without water?
10. How could you go to the library without me?
                                                                    Answers follow in Lesson 34 B


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