Lesson 33 A. Appetizer Lesson Exercises with त्वान्त, ल्यबन्त अव्यय s

Nouns/Pronouns Verbs Avyayas
      अरिः  / रिपुः  / शत्रुः 
      Enemy M 
      परि+विष् (परिवेषयति)
      10 PP. to serve at the table
       पुरः/ पुरतः
       In front of 



1. Having brought vegetables from the market, she placed them in the refrigerator.
2. Climbing the branches of the tree, the monkey again jumped off the tree onto the ground.
3. Having counted the coins, the rich man put them back into the cupboard.
4. The daughter-in-law, having done work, having cooked food, having served her mother-in-law, herself eats.
5. The king's army, having conquered the enemy (use plural), and having bound them, brings  them to the king.
6. Having heard the student's question, the teacher wrote the answer on the blackboard.
7. Thus speaking, he kept silent  (he stood silent)
8. Having bathed, having sat in front of the Devi, having praised Her, and having performed Her pooja, our Guru sat in meditation.
9. Renouncing(Having let go) wealth, family and home, he went to the forest.
10. Seeing the policeman, the thief ran away.
                                                                                Answers follow in the next Lesson 33 B



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