Lesson 31. इ and ईकारान्त  words.
A long long time ago ( lesson 9 C to be precise) i had discussed getting familiar with the अकारान्त पुंल्लिङ्गी words before we move onto others. Over time, इ and ईकारान्त words have begun to crop up in our "From the Library" series. It's time we move on, folks..

Supplement 19 will give you declension of इ  (masculine, neuter, feminine)and ईकारान्त (feminine)words.
Examples of masculine words are: हरिः Vishnu, कविः poet, यतिः  sanyasin, सेनापतिः  commander, प्रजापतिः  Brahma, रविः  Sun,  कपिः  monkey, मुनिः  Ascetic/Sage, अग्निः  Fire, गिरिः  mountain, मरीचिः  ray of light।
Examples of neuter words: वारि  water
Examples of feminine इकारान्त words are: मतिः  intellect, श्रुतिः  Veda, भूमिः  Earth, ओषधिः  medicine, श्रेणिः  class, कान्तिः  shine, शान्तिः peace, भक्तिः  devotion, शक्तिः strength, मूर्तिः  idol, रात्रिः  night, तिथिः  date .
If ever you come across a word and you wonder if it is masculine, feminine or neuter, a dictionary will either say 'm' or' f' or 'n' . This should help you with your declensions.
Examples of feminine ईकारान्त  words are: नदी river, कुमारी a young girl, गौरी Gouri, रजनी Night, कौमुदी moonlight, सखी friend, पुत्री daughter, दासी servant, पुरी town, नगरी town, वाणी speech, सरस्वती Saraswati.


The rules remain identical...you just need to familiarize yourselves with the declined words.
                                                                                        Exercise time! Let's go to Lesson 31 A

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