Lesson 31 A. Exercises with इ and ईकारान्त  words.

Nouns Verbs Avyayas
      शिल्पकारः  sculptor M         साध् 10. P.P. to create        पुरतः  in front of
      मूर्तिः  idol F           पृष्ठतः   behind.
      विपणिः  market M       
      अन्वेषणम् search N      
      भूपतिः  king M 
      खड्गः   sword M    
      कटः mat M    
      गृहिणी lady of the house F
      अङ्गुलिः  /अङ्गुली
      F.  finger
      रङ्गावलिः F. rangoli    



Note: You will need तुमन्त अव्यय s to do this lesson .

1. A monkey came into the Muni's ashram. To trouble the Muni, he threw  fruits onto the ground.
2. The poet, to drink the cool water, went to the bank of the river.
3. The  expert sculptor makes many idols everyday to sell in the market.
4. The young girl entered the temple and with devotion did namaskar to the Lord.
5. The king's sword fell from his hand into the river. The servant, to look for it,  jumped into the water.
6. The Yati, to perform a yajna, sat before the fire.
7. Salutations to Gouri, Saraswati, to this yati and those poets.
8. In the night, the servant to go to sleep, placed a mat on the ground.
9. The lady of the house, with her fingers, drew a rangoli on the ground in front of her house.
                                                Answers to these exercises follow next, in Lesson 31 B

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