Lesson 30 A. Appetizer  Lesson Exercises with the तुमन्त अव्यय

Nouns Verbs Avyayas Adjectives
        सोपानम् ladder N         प्रेष् 10. P.P. to send       अहर्निशम्
       day and night
        आवश्यकः - कं -की necessary
        सफलता success F                पर्याप्तः - तं - ता sufficient
        स्थालिका plate F         





1. She brought a ladder to climb a tree.
2. The storyteller sat under a tree to tell a story to the people of the village.
3. I brought flowers from the garden to worship God.
4. To hear the teacher's words, the student sat close to her.
5. Mother, to clean the table, brought ( a piece of) cloth.
6. The king to protect the people,  sent soldiers outside the city to fight.
7. It is not possible for me to eat this laddoo. ( Translate it  as अहं ........... न शक्नोमि )
8. I said to you the day before yesterday, " To obtain success in your examinations, day and night studying is not necessary. ( how's that for Indian English?...what i mean to say is ...it is not necessary to study all day! )
9. To serve his Gurudeva, the boy went to the ashrama.
10.  I want to write a letter in Sanskrit and I also  want to speak in Sanskrit.

                                                                         Answers follow in Lesson 30 B



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