Lesson 29 A. Appetizer Lesson Exercise with the past tense.

Fun information:
The word for yesterday is ह्यस्  ( More common, is its form ह्यः) । Words for days of the week and the names of the days of the week, will be fun to use. Here goes.... Begin with today, then read upwards. Read today again,  then go downwards.



          The day  before the day  before yesterday. phew!
          The day before yesterday
      ह्यः           yesterday
     अद्य           today
     श्वः           tomorrow
          the day after tomorrow
     प्रपरश्वः           the day after the day after tomorrow



सोमवासरः Monday
             मङ्गलवासरः Tuesday
बुधवासरः                      Wednesday
गुरुवासरः    Thursday


 शनिवासरः   Saturday




i can say "  प्रपरश्वः शनिवासरः " and i'll convey the message that the day after the day after tomorrow is Saturday !
ह्यः मङ्गलवासरः would mean: Yesterday was Tuesday. See how the अस् धातु  needn't be used at all!
Shall we try and use these words as well in today's exercise?

The Word bank is given below.

Nouns/Pronouns Verbs Avyayas
       योजना   plan F            सद्  (सीद्  ) 1.P.P. to sit. 
         परस्परम्   one another
       वासरः  day M       


1. I thought of a plan.
2. He swam in the lake.
3. The day before yesterday was Monday.
4. When I gave you a fruit yesterday, then you sat down on a chair and ate it.
5. When Bharat saw Rama , he rejoiced.
6. The Kauravas and the Pandavas fought in Kurukshetra.
7. He told me that he saw me with Shobha in the restaurant yesterday.
8. I did my work very quickly.
9. We were friends, but we fought and now we do not speak amongst one another. ( No, not difficult.....try it out!)
10. We bought milk from the market and later drank it. ( in times of trouble, use the कृ धातु । )
                                                         Answers follow in Lesson 29 B

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