Lesson 29. Past tense

The relief that i feel now is immense. The sentences and stories all these months have been sounding terrible without the past tense. We'll finally be able to write and speak about our glorious past....our mythology, our literature...after today's enlightening lesson.

Supplement 14  Supplement 15 and Supplement 16 will give you all the conjugations, both the A.P. and the P.P. The कृ धातु   has been put into Supplement 16....all on its own.

Supplement 17, Supplement 17   deals with the अस् धातु  ....both the imperative mood AND the past tense.

You will not require any instructions on how to use the verb forms. Just a few examples should suffice for you to handle the exercise lesson 29 A.

सः ग्रामम् अगच्छत् ।  He went to  the village.
गायकाः गीतानि अगायन् । The singers sang songs.
त्वं फलम् अलभथाः । You obtained a fruit.
अहम् अध्यापकम् असेवे । I served the teacher.
अस्तु । Let it be so/ Okay



All these verb forms are tremendously new..... there are quite a number of them too in the 4 Supplements. Please do not worry about trying to memorize them.
As you go over the Supplement section again and again, the conjugations will automatically instill themselves in your mind. It's just a question of getting accustomed to them, that's all. Keep forming sentences of your own...a combination of a verb and a subject...for example, I ate( अहम् अखादम् ), She fell (सा अपतत् ), You played(त्वम् अक्रीडः) ...that will help you remember the combinations much faster.

Since you will always have your Supplements to refer to, you need never fear that you will go wrong. i still need to do a quick revision once in a while...hope that serves as some consolation!  Lots of love, to all of you.
                                                        Now over to the exercise section 29 A.

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