Lesson 28. A. Appetizer Lesson Exercises with the लोट् लकारः

Nouns Verbs Avyayas
      अनुग्रहः - grace M        आ  + चर्  1.P.P.
      to behave/ conduct oneself
      यथा - तथा ( to be used in combination)
      just as - so also
      वेदना pain ( as in physical pain that one experiences.) F
      परा + जि
      पराजय 1. A.P.
      to be defeated.
      नगर - रक्षकः policeman M 

       नश् 4. P.P. to be





Please go over  Supplement 12 to decide how to conjugate a verb after figuring out which gana it belongs to. Clues in the Panini lessons.


  1. The policeman tells the thief, " Do not steal again. Do work. Obtain  wealth. Then only are you do not experience fear."
  2. The father tells the boy, " Go to the ashram. Salute the teacher. Serve him. Obtain his grace."
  3. Just as Gurudev behaves, so also, you too behave.
  4. May all of us work  with happiness.
  5. Madhav, see that man. Follow him. Tell him that my book is in his bag. Bring my book here.
  6. Do the work quickly.
  7. The enemy is defeated! Let the people rejoice!
  8. The doctor tells the boy, " Bear the pain. Eat this medicine. With this  medicine , the pain is destroyed.”
  9. Suresh, tell that beggar...."Go away from here. There is a rich man there. Beg  him for money . Do not come here again."
  10. Arjun, fight. Do not sit here.

                                                          Answers follow in Lesson 28 B



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