Lesson 27 A.  Appetizer Lesson Exercises with the कृ धातु |

How about a quick look at "things we do through the day list. That should help you build many sentences of your own.

Note: These words are nouns and not verbs.

Action Noun Action Noun
      brushing teeth.        दन्तधावनम्      wandering / strolling      भ्रमणम्
      to wash/clean 
      प्रक्षालनम्       wiping     सम्मार्जनम्
      washing face 
      मुखप्रक्षालनम्        sleeping      शयनम्
      washing hands 
      हस्तप्रक्षालनम्      buying      क्रयणम्  
      washing foot/feet 
      पादप्रक्षालनम्      selling     विक्रयणम्
      washing clothes       वस्त्रप्रक्षालनम्      playing      क्रीडनम्
      bath       स्नानम्      jumping     कूर्दनम्
      japa       जपनम्      writing     लेखनम्
      worship       पूजनम् / पूजा      reading / studying     पठनम्
      study       अध्ययनम्      listening     श्रवणम्
      telling       कथनम्      eating a meal     भोजनम्
      singing       गानम्      drinking water     जलपानम्
      going       गमनम्      drinking tea     चायपानम्
      coming      आगमनम्      calling     आह्वानम्
      walking       चलनम्      counting      गणनम्
      thinking       चिन्तनम्      collecting      सङ्ग्रहणम्
      memorising       स्मरणम्      telling      निवेदनम्
      crying      रोदनम्      looking after      पालनम्
      viewing      दर्शनम्


      cooking      पाकम्    




प्रेषणं करोतु कृपया -- an "other things you would like a Sanskrit word for" list to me. We could start compiling a list and put it up in the Supplement section....it would be a very useful reference material.

                         कथकः story-teller M   
                        अनायासः Ease M  
                        संस्कृतभाषा The Sanskrit language. F  


Translate using the कृ धातु with the words that have been underlined. With the rest please make conjugated forms of the धातु | 

1. In the morning, I do the brushing of teeth, I take a bath ,after that I do my japa and also the worship of my Lord.
2. Eat with me.
3. I tell Madhav, " Tell Sujata ,those books that are there in the cupboard,  to do their counting .
4. In the evening, the story-teller sits near the tree and does the telling of a story.
5. If I think in the Sanskrit language, then with ease, I am speaking in  the Sanskrit-language.
6. When the teacher is calling, then the boys and the girl, from the playground, run towards the school.
7. The mother says, " Lata, stop playing. Study now." When Lata hears this, then she cries.
8. The priest does the Lord's puja everyday.
9. When our Gurudeva comes, then we wash His feet.
10. The teacher writes on the blackboard. The students read. Afterwards, the teacher does the wiping of the blackboard.
Okay, so i cheated. i have put two or three sentences camouflaged in one. Old habits die hard....will stick to just 10 sentences in my next lesson. I promise.
                                                                        Answers follow in Lesson 27 B                                                                              

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