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If you are between 15 and 35 years of age and would like to rediscover your roots in many exciting and fulfilling ways, it is time you met some intelligent and successful young Chitrapur Saraswats who will tell you how Yuvadhara has made them more sensitive, successful and complete. This is the first of a sporadic,ongoing series    ( April 2017 )

Pavan Kapnadak, 22, from the Chennai Sabha is a teacher, researcher (automobile), social entrepreneur and a student of thermodynamics and micro-electronics. His tells us how Yuvadhara is like a flow of energy that has shaped his life -

“Youth is characterised by tremendous flowing energy, akin to the tumultuous flow of a raging river. With focused guidance, this untapped energy can be harnessed to do wonders. The Chitrâpur Yuvadhârâ, lovingly gifted to us by Parama Pûjya Swamîjî, has been the perfect forum to accomplish just this.

I am deeply humbled and grateful to be a part of the Yuvadhârâ, and to have had numerous opportunities to be an active participant. Shivir-s and activities at various Maths have shaped me in more ways than I can count. From attending sessions by experts on topics ranging from Time Management and Presentation Skills to understanding the working of the Goshala, the Gobar Gas plant and the various woman- empowerment projects of the Math, it has been a steep learning curve in becoming more worldly-wise while tackling the world. Able sanchâlak-s have always ensured that we are guided well. Through every walk of life, these experiences have been pivotal. Whether I’ve been called for conducting quiz contests, for moulding young debaters at schools, to take up organisational responsibilities for events, or for handling presentations for key projects, the skills that have been honed have always played a key role in the successful execution of these assignments.

Exercises and prânâyâmâ, taught in shivir-s, have helped mould me into a fitter person, capable of handling the rigours of daily life with more energy and enthusiasm. Swamîjî’s Guidance in the daily practice of Ninâd has brought about immense benefits as well. My routine involves at least 8 hours of teaching a day, and I have experienced vast improvement in my ability to project my voice powerfully, enunciate clearly and muster enough energy to give my best in whatever I do. Holistic growth would be impossible without a deeper connect to a higher source. Being a part of the Yuvadhârâ has given me the privilege to learn and be a part of Anushthân-s, Pûjâ-s and

Being a Chitrâpur Sâraswat, blessed with a loving Guru and a glorious Guru Paramparâ, has always been a wonderful experience. Being a part of the Yuvadhârâ has made it even better, by helping form a network of friends across the world in this wonderful community. There are numerous joyous moments worth cherishing in this journey.

But above all, I am extremely grateful for a connection that has been strengthened over the years- the connection with our Math, our Guru, and Guru Paramparâ. This cascading flow of Anugrahâ has given me immeasurable strength through tough patches of life, and also a levelling sense of humility through the good ones. Being given chances to perform sevâ in various forms has been an honour, and a shaping force in my life. I look forward to more such opportunities in the days to come. With humble pranâm-s, I offer these thoughts at the lotus feet of Parama Pûjya Swamîjî.

Ruhi Kuddyadi Kumta from the Andheri Sabha, Mumbai is a 25-year-old legal officer. Here is a sensitive account of her multi-level growth after joining Yuvadhara -

“My journey as a part of the Chitrapur Yuvadhara began in early 2007, when I participated in the Taru Sammelan, organized at Karla Math. With a curious mind and a restless heart, I set foot on this voyage that was to take me forward on the path of life and draw me closer to our Math and our Guru Parampara. Little did I know then, that this was the beginning of a life-long commitment to seva.

The initiative of our Math taken under Swamiji’s Guidance for encouraging the Yuva-s between 15 and 35 years of age to participate in its activities has been a boon to all of us. It has fostered a feeling of solidarity and oneness among the Yuva-s and instilled in us a sense of purpose from an age which is generally characterized by a feeling of listlessness or indecisiveness. All of us start feeling a magnetic pull into the Guru Kshetra and are moulded by our Swamiji’s unconditional love to become the best we can!

This platform has transformed me from a fearful, shy young girl to an assertive, confident and compassionate woman. The divine gifts bestowed upon us by Pujya Swamiji are many - mantra- diksha, His insistence on regular japa, the practice of Devi Anushthanam and Guru Pujan, an introspective mind-set throughVimarsh, an attitude of surrender and gratitude through seva, a sense of balance between the material and spiritual aspects of life through well-organized shivir-s, heightened creativity through encouragement of fine and performing arts as a form of devotion, to name just a few of the blessings have all helped me develop a multi-dimensional personality.

Being an active Yuvadhara member has helped me feel deeply connected to my roots and helped me on my spiritual journey, while keeping a fine balance of the best of everything.

..As I let myself shine brightly, I see that The Light within me is the Grace of my Guru. The more I shine, the more others shine with me. As my Guru’s Grace gets reflected through me, it gets magnified, touching the hearts of every face I encounter. That is my Guru’s Shakti.


      Pavan kapnadak                                                           Ruhi Kuddyadi Kumta