Sādhanā Shṛṅkhalā

Sādhanā Shṛṅkhalā  was conceived as a part of the 300 years tercentenary celebrations.  It was a devotional offering to the Math and the Guru Paramparā, by Chitrāpur Sāraswat-s all over the globe.

  • Introduction

    1. As a part of the 300 years tercentenary celebrations, Sadhana Shrunkhala was conceived. Sadhana Shrunkhala was a devotional offering to the Math and the Guru Parampara, by Chitrāpur Saraswats all over the globe.
    2. It started with Sankalpa at Shrī Chitrāpur Math Gokarn, at the Sannidhi of our First Guru Shrīmad Parijnanshrama Swamiji on 10th February 2008. The concluding session was held from 2nd February to 4th February at Shirali, where the samadhis of six of our revered Gurus are worshipped daily. 2nd February was Guru Prapti Divasa and the ordination day of our First Guru Shrī Parijnanashram.
  • Organization and Scheduling:

    1. A chief coordinator took charge of the entire planning and scheduling of the Sadhana Shrunkhala. 35 groups of Sadhakas in different places round the globe got organised to participate in Sadhana Shrunkhala. A coordinator was nominated for each group.
    2. A detailed calendar ensuring the continuation of the Shrunkhala without a single day’s break was meticulously planned. In all ---- sessions of Sadhana Shrunkhala were held all over the globe, including Canada, UK, USA and of course all over India.
    3. 2.3. The order of participation of each group was detailed out. Each group had at least one turn ,some had two turns and some others had as many as three turns of participation, during the year.
    4. 2.4. The coordinator of each group confirmed the group’s preparedness one week before the scheduled event. He/She reported the status of beginning and the conclusion on the first and the last day of the Shrunkhala. Thus the coordination was perfect and Sadhana Shrunkhala went on smoothly with the Blessings from P.P.Swamiji.
  • Preparation for the Shrunkhala

    1. Before conducting the Shrunkhala, Sadhakas attended abhyasikas, conducted by previously trained Sadhakas. They further practiced and perfected to be able to perform and also to be able to help other enthusiastic Sadhakas to participate confidently.
    2. The coordinator for each group was responsible for facilitating the group’s performance, by making the Puja kits available, organizing practice sessions, monitoring the progress and reporting the final outcome to the Chief coordinator. Coordinators held many practice sessions in different towns/cities at dates and time convenient for all the participants which included students, working members, professionals and housewives and persons who had retired from active professional life.
    3. After the abhyasikas we practiced poojas at home by ourselves and got suggestions and corrections when we performed together.
  • The “Krama” of the five day Sadhana Shrunkhala

    1. During Sadhana Shrunkhala a Krama of five days Sadhana was offered by Sadhakas all over the globe. The Shrunkhala was performed continuously throughout the year, in a chain
    2. Each segment of five days consisted of the following components
    3. On all five days, Shrī Navaratri Nityapatha with Shrī Devi Anushthana
    4. On any three days, Shrī Guru Poojan/Devi Pujan/Shiva Pujan, as was feasible,was performed and,
    5. On the other two days Shrī Lalita Sahasranama and Shrī Geeta Chanting of 12th and 15th chapters was done.
      On these two days, Shrī Shivamanasa Pooja was also chanted
  • Conclusion

    1. Sadhana Shrunkhala has been an awakening, an opportunity,a wave or rather a storm of enthusiasm to offer Sadhana at the Lotus Feet of our Gurus, Lord Bhavanishankar and Mata Durga Parameshwari.
    2. The Magic of devotion prevailed!!! Even those who had thought that puja was difficult and Sadhana far fetched, joined in and did well by The Guru's Grace.
    3. We learnt the Puja, we learnt the chantings (Pathas) and Sadhana Shrunkhala gave us much more. We got the pleasure of performing Anushthana in large groups which was a wonderful experience..We learnt to feel the presence of Our Guru during the pooja, anushthana and chanting. All this has come from Him hence His presence was felt every moment whenever we were at it.
    4. We met devoted sadhakas in the process. The ineractions were very fruitful and encouraging. There was a lot of give and take. We learnt to experience" anumodan" as Happiness, Satisfaction and Contentment that we got. Anumodan as " fullancho prasadu" or as Fragrant perfume, during Pooja or chanting was experienced at some instances by Sadhakas.