Prarthana Varga

Here is a report on the colourful and enjoyable activities created as part of  the Sayujyam year by a dedicated group of teachers of the Prarthana Varga             (July 2023)

The year 2022 began with Prarthana Varga teachers, students, parents and volunteers putting together a videographic tribute for our beloved Parama Guru- Our Karunamurti Guruswami, called- “Sanukampa”-Divine lessons in Compassion. It was premiered on June 19,2022 on our very own Shri Chitrapur Math website.

The online shivir was organized to celebrate the 75th Janmadivasa of our revered 10th Guru  H. H. Shrimat Parijnanashram Swamiji’s love and compassion towards all creatures great and small. This is reflected in Their words, “मुक्या जनावरांची नीट काळजी घ्या, त्यांना चांगल्या भांड्यात जेवण द्या |” which serve as a guiding beacon in Their lessons in compassion for all of us.4

On November 13, 2022, Prarthana teachers and children performed samuhik Gurupujana online as their offering on the Janmadivasa of H.H. Shrimat Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji. 

Personal child-safety-skills workshops were conducted by Prarthana teachers at Bengaluru, Shirali in Kannada and in Marathi at Karla school for the age group of five to 13 years in July ’22, Nov ‘22 and Dec ‘22 and Jan ’23 respectively.

On February 11, 2023, the 26th Pattabhisheka Vardhanti of H.H. Shrimat Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji at Karla Math, the Prarthana family of teachers, children and parents offered their gratitude to Parama Pujya Swamiji by performing samuhika Gurupujana. 

Children expressed their gratitude to Pujya Swamiji by speaking about the difference that Prarthana Varga has made in their lives. Bengaluru Prarthana Varga-s and many other centres also offered Gurupujana.

On March 26, 2023, a skit Shiva Lahari was staged in Santacruz in the august presence of Swamiji where 66 children from Mumbai’s local Prarthana Varga participated. Directed by Sudhir Balvally maam, the various waves (leher) of Shiv bhakti were depicted in various forms such as the Shivbhakt singing Haryanvi folk music, the dilemma of the great devotee King Janak resolved by his Guru Ashtavakra, the questions about bhakti created in the mind of Rani, a little girl, the main character in the skit, which were clarified by a bhikshuk and the beautifully depicted Dakshinamoorti shlok in Bharatnatyam dance form; all bejewelled creatively to create Shiv Lehri!

Regular Prarthana sessions are conducted where Vimarsh, Sanskrit through Kallolah/ games, celebration of festivals, craft –drawing activities are conducted on a weekly basis.
Presently, this Prarthana Varga comprises 25 Centres (India and abroad). There are approximately 221 students attending Prarthana Varga and 66 teachers on roll.

The Prarthana family of children, parents, teachers, resource people and volunteers offers all these activities at the Lotus Feet of Pujya Swamiji.


 "Beautiful Captures"