Heading North with H.H. Swāmījī

Yuva Sameer Masurkar shares his most memorable experiences from the Uttar Bhārat Yātrā of February-March 2023 

Oṁ Shrī Gurubhyo Namaḥ

H.H. Swāmījī, along with retinue and entourage, embarked on a Uttar Bhārat Yātrā. Since I was the only Yuvā yātrī until three more yuvā-s joined, here is my unique experience of the Uttar Bhārat Yātrā. Swāmījī’s yātrā began at Shaṅkarālok in Amdāvād after which we headed to Shrī Ḍūṅgargarh, a small town steeped in spiritual history. We halted at the Vyās Āshram in Haridwār and absorbed its rich culture and spiritual significance. Next came the holy cities Pus͟hkar and Jodhpur until we finally found ourselves at Sant Sarovar in Mt. Ābū, where we concluded the yātrā. After days of spiritual contemplation and peaceful reflection, the group began its homeward journey back to Kārlā, with sweet memories that would stay in our hearts forever. During the entire yātrā, Swāmījī’s teachings inspired and uplifted everyone’s spirit. By the end of the trip, the group had grown much closer, united by our shared experiences and the teachings of Swāmījī. This Uttar Bhārat Yātrā was truly a divine blessing for all those who had the fortune of being a part of it.

The 26th Paṭṭābhis͟heka Vardhantī of our beloved Mat͟hādhipati was celebrated in Kārlā, after which we began the Uttar Bhārat Yātrā.

At Shaṅkarālok in Amdāvād the authentic Gujarātī breakfast, Swādhyāya, and Kīrtana by our Dharmaprachāraka Dr. Chaitanya Gulvāḍy mām were most memorable for me. In Shrī Ḍūṅgargarh, the Divine Mahāshivarātri Chār Yāma pūjana was held. The opportunity to chant during the fourth Yāma at 4 a.m. was my second most cherished memory of the yātrā.



In Pus͟hkar, we went along with H.H. Swāmījī, to the holy Brahmājī temple, said to be the only Brahmā temple in the world and did dhyāna at brahma muhūrta. This was a unique experience just like our visit to Aṭamateshwar temple. However, I truly enjoyed the Sāmūhika Gāyatrī Anus͟hthānam ͟ and our trek to Gāyatrī temple where we saw the bright light as the sun rose.



At Vyās Ghāṭ in Haridwār, taking three dips in the holy river Gaṅgā were rejuvenating. 

The Sāraswat Sammelana organized by the Vishwa Sāraswat Federation (VSF) was a forum to bring together all Sāraswat-s from across the globe to understand each other’s culture. The Atirudra Yajña at Jodhpur was certainly divine, but when H.H. Swāmījī conducted Swādhyāya on Shivānandalaharī while the Rudrī pāt͟ha was being recited at the Yajñashālā, it made me feel blessed to be in the right place at the right time.) Vimarsha in Jodhpur was made more special/memorable) by H.H. Swāmījī’s presence.


At Sant Sarovar in Mt. Ābū, our interactions with Swāmījī became my most cherished memory of the yātrā. You will surely agree that despite all these transitory joys, the Sat Chit Ānanda that is Swāmījī’s presence is a lasting treasure and a guiding light for all sādhaka-s. I pray to the Gurushakti o open up the spiritual component in our lives, making our entire life a successful Yātrā that culminates in Sāyujyam.