SĪMOLLAṄGHANA 2022 in Canada

- By Kishore Kulkarṇī mām, Canada Sabhā 

It was in the year 1979 that H.H. Shrīmat Parijñānāshram Swāmījī III had visited Canada and observed Chāturmāsa here. At it’s culmination, He performed the Sīmollaṅghana ceremonies on the banks of Credit River which flows through the Erindale Park in Mississauga, a city neighbouring Toronto. (For more, read: The Summer of ’79: A memorable Chāturmāsa in Canada) [Link to https://chitrapurmath.net/news/default/story?id=192 ]

On Saturday, 10th September 2022, more than 40 sādhaka-s (including children) from and around Toronto gathered to celebrate the 43rd anniversary of that momentous occasion once again. It started with the Sabhā Prārambha Prārthanā, Shaṅkha Vādana and Dīpanamaskāra followed by Shrī Parijñānāshrama Trayodashī, Parijñāna Parijñāna Gajarī, Naivedya, Āratī and the Sabhā Samāpti Prārthanā. Thereafter we had Prasāda bhojana which was offered by a member of the Laity. After the bhojana, devotees walked to the location where our beloved Guruswāmī had performed the Sīmollaṅghana, chanting हळू हळू चालावें), परिज्ञानांना भेटावें. After reaching the spot, bhajana-s and nāma-smaraṇa-s were chanted.


The shoes worn by H.H. Guruswāmī are seen on the right

The story of the shoes worn by H.H. Parijñānāshram Swāmījī in Canada
- By Mrs. Māyā Kulkarṇī, Mississauga, Canada

In August 1979 while H.H. Shrīmat Parijñānāshram Swāmījī III was camping at the residence of late Shri Vivek and Smt. Māyā Kulkarṇī, these were His daily shoes. He wore them everywhere, but we noticed that they were getting worn out. It was time to get Swāmījī a new pair, so we did. Our Beloved Swāmījī left His old shoes with us. We were extremely delighted that Swāmījī left us His Blessings.

We cleaned these shoes as much as we could and kept them safely in a shoe box. Around the time of the Tercentenary (2008), we were asked if we had any mementos from Swāmījī’s visit. Of course, we had these shoes which were taken to the Tercentenary celebration and shown to H.H. Shrīmat Sadyojāt Shaṅkarāshram Swāmījī. We have been taking this pair of shoes to the Credit River for our Sīmollaṅghana celebration every year.





Left:  1979 – H.H. Shrīmat Parijñānāshram Swāmījī III performing Pūjana at the Credit river. 
Right: 2008 – H.H. Shrīmat Sadyojāt Shaṅkarāshram Swāmījī performing pūjā of the kalasha-s containing
tīrtha from nine holy rivers across India and Credit River from Canada.
(Guru Jyoti Yātrā, 2008)
10th September 2022: The Canada Sabhā marks the 43rd Anniversary of H.H. Guruswāmī's Chāturmāsa at 
Erindale Park, Mississauga, on the banks of the Credit River. Lower Left: Bhajana-s and nāma-smaraṇa-s 
at the spot where the  the Sīmollaṅghana ceremonies had taken place in ‘79.
H.H. Guruswāmī during an outing. Canada, 1979