The Divine Gurushakti………

Koti Koti Pranams to - Guru Swamiji - Param Pujya Parijnanashram Swamiji III & His Holiness Sadyojat Shankarashram  Swamiji  with all humility and devotion.
By  Mahesh B. Kalawar, Mumbai

 Om Shri Bhavanishankar Mama Sharanam !!


December 3rd week  of year 1998 was a memorable day for All Chitrapur Saraswat’s   in Mumbai , when   H. H Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji  made his first official visit  to  Andheri Sabha (Mumbai), the first after He ascended the peetha of our revered Math . The Andheri  Local Sabha under the leadership of Kuldeep Kalawar maam  had worked out meticulously  every minute detail by assigning specific responsibilities to Volunteers Sadhakas - Men , women and children to make the visit an unforgettable & memorable one. 

The venue was planned at Shri Ram Welfare School-Andheri  & Swamiji’s stay was organised in Basrur Jayant  mam’s house. It was again  Gurushakti & HH Shrimat Parijnanashram Swamiji’s Blessings that I was fortunate to be assigned the responsibility of taking care of Our Swamiji’s room arrangements, and ensure that necessary protocols be maintained during the 5 day stay.

 Swamiji’s Ashirvachan  scheduled on the evening prior to his departure was attended by a large gathering of Sadhakas which was a great testimony that made the visit a grand success.

A few weeks later, around  4:0 am one morning I was awakened of Sakshat seeing PP Parijnanashram Swamiji in my dreams and HE asking me to  visit Shirali. In the dream , I saw 2 things very distinctly: 1. HH Swamiji sitting  crossed legs on  HIS Bed, and 2.  The Kamaan (Arch structure) at the entrance of road leading to Shirali Math . It was a mixed feeling of real ecstasy & bit of a freight when I got up with a jolt recollecting the dream, since I had never visited Shirali Math till that time.  

I hastened to have my bath, packed a small bag with a change clothes, and informed my wife about the dream and  dashed off to Shirali by the early morning bus. As luck or destiny would have it, I got a 2x2 seater bus around 5:30 am from Andheri, heading towards Mangalore .

As the Bus was  approaching Shirali, the bus conductor informed me that we will be arriving Shirali in just another 10  mins. To my surprise, as we neared Shirali the Kamaan was visible to my eye and the driver slowed down the bus for me to get down. Once I descended from the bus, I was overjoyed to have one more close look at the arch, and it looked just like it had in my dream!

As I reached the Math - the caretaker welcomed me and allocated me a room  making me comfortable after entering my personal details in the Office Register. I had a bath, got ready & enquired where  I could buy some flowers. I was directed to go to Bhatkal where I picked up a bag full of Mallige. On my return to the Math, I offered the Mallige for Sevas to a Bhat maam near the Hod Samadhi .

Once the  Raatri Puja got over, I enquired with Bhat maam  if I could meet Swamiji & have HIS darshan. In a couple of  minutes Bhat maam returned and directed me to Swamiji’s Room which was then located on the 1st floor, directly above the Seva booking and Publications Room.

As I pushed to  open the door to enter HH Swamiji’s room - I was greeted  by our GURU SWAMIJI with a broad Smile sitting crossed legged on the bed, exactly as what I saw in my dream that morning! I prostrated on the floor  offering Shastang Namaskars, with tears flowing from my eyes. After a while I recomposed myself & got up, and to the left I was greeted by H.H Sadyojat Shankarashram  Swamiji  with a radiant smile, and seated on His Aasan  He Blessed me by placing his Bestowing Hand over my  my  head saying  – 

 GURUSWAMIJI’s BLESSINGS is there upon you!  

As I wiped my tears, Swamiji said “Aaji Devagale Pooja Malligene Zalle”  . 

I then shared with HHS wamiji what I had seen in my dream, which is what had brought me to Shirali. He  just smiled again, as if He knew it all & said HIS Gurushakti is upon all of us . 

After a brief exchange, I informed him about my programme to leave for Mumbai next morning, and I was blessed with Prasad. I bowed and left the room with a   contended heart  (TRUPT JAVNU ), and left for Mumbai early the next morning.

This incident was again one amongst my priceless memories of Samparka with our Guru Swamiji. We feel HIS presence every moment in our life, which has made me realize the strong bond/ connection of the GURUSHAKTI between  our Guru Swamiji and HH Shrimat Sadyojat  Shankarashram Swamiji  for which Our Chitrapur Samaja are truly Blessed, & indebted to Our Guruparampara.


A  pictorial  representation  of    Guru Swamiji &  H H Sadyojat 
Shankarashram Swamiji seated in the Room as seen in my dream.