Dhanyavād Gurumātā

Our unassuming gentle-voiced Gurumātā  Sudhā Koḍikal pāchī created quite a stir in the Samāja when she wrote a series of articles recounting the life of our Beloved Mat͟hādhipati right from His birth to His ascending the pīt͟ha of Shrī Chitrāpur Mat͟h. We present the first set of the overwhelmed and deeply grateful responses that poured in .... 

Sujata Masurkar, Mumbai

Respected Gurumata Sudha pachi, Pranaam!

Your Hrllekha write-ups are truly Divine! We had read about many of the incidents of PP Parijnanashram Swamiji and PP Bade Swamiji, but to read them in your own handwriting and learn about them from you is a different experience altogether. You have explained every detail so nicely. The reminiscences of the early life of Pujya Swamiji narrated by you are very interesting. I enjoyed reading them very much. You have also written them so neatly! Thank you Pachi! We are indeed fortunate that we are getting to read this on HH Swamiji’s Janmadivas. I was fortunate enough to attend the Shodashi of PP Bade Swamiji and the Satsangs and Pravachans of our Swamiji there. I feel so much, but I am not good at writing. All I can say is - I eagerly await more such articles from you!


Sunayna Padbidri, Honavar

A splendid and ‘infinite’ gift to all of us from our generous Gurumata! Each interesting anecdote gives us glimpses of the powerful and strong character of our Guru. Anant Naravimam’s story was the funniest. The seeds of Swamiji’s excellent driving skills were probably sown when He used to keenly observe Anantmam’s driving. “Sharde, see if the car door is shut properly” was too amusing and very easy to visualize.” I am the support of all” is a prophetic statement of today’s reality! Thank you Gurumata for finding us eligible enough to share your memories…We are truly blessed!


Umesh Nagarkatte

I was so delighted to read Hrllekha. It is so beautiful to experience a mother’s and the Guru’s love!


Jyothi Divgi, Pune

What a precious Diwali gift! Gurumata Sudha pachi’s narration is so soothing, so natural, so smoothly flowing…as if she is right in front of me! The description of the cyclone in Sriharikota carried such a powerful message. Gurumata – koti, koti pranaams.


Savitri Babulkar, Mumbai

A beautifully written piece by the one best qualified to write it: a warm, lovely account of a growing child showing early signs of His future greatness! Thank you dear Sudha!


Asha Awasthi, Bengaluru

I am amazed at the seamless blend of a mother’s vatsalya with a Gurumata’s objective reflections…no wonder our Guru chose her to descend into this world for the benefit of the samaja. The incidents narrated obviously made a deep impression on her then ‘unsuspecting’ heart! The mature replies from her child, in total variance with his chronological age, were obviously indicative of His glorious future in a spiritual realm. There is no trace of any base emotion like regret, lament, undue excitement… giving us a clue about a serene mind and lifelong sadhana. The articles reveal not only Ishwara’s avatarana as our Parama Pujya Guru but also of the high spiritual stature of our simple and totally unassuming Gurumata. One can only bow one’s head in utter reverence and gratitude to Both for sharing these heartwarming, intimate gems.


Raghuvir Kalbag, Cambridge

Revered Gurumata, I read the whole of Hrllekha with a sense of awe at both what you have written and the way you have written it. We, Chitrapur Saraswats should be grateful to you and Mohanmam for giving us such a wonderful, powerful Guru. Thank you. Swamiji was born to lead. Becoming our Guru was His destiny. I really appreciate your explanation of the Gurutatwa. The last chapter was the most apt crescendo. I had a cold shiver running down my spine throughout my reading of it. I have learnt a lot and you have given a lot to ruminate over. For all this, I am most grateful to you.


Gouri Yennemady, Mumbai

So beautifully written! While reading the articles I got so engrossed that I felt as if I am witnessing each incident. My pranaams to Sudha pachi. Our Saraswat samaja is greatly indebted to her and Mohanmam for giving us our Guru.


Nandini Hattangdy, Shirali

So beautifully written! Just wanted it to go on and wished that it would never end. Reading it was like watching a movie. It is so well-written. Lots of love, respect and regards to Sudha pachi!


Shambhavi Padukone, Delhi

Oh wow! That’s a lot of writing! So nice to read…I feel she is speaking in my head…


Kalpana Chandavarkar, Pune

This is very, very, very beautiful and I am feeling very blessed. Two things she has said resonated with me –
1. When we pray we are so limited, but when He gives there is much more abundance than you had expected…
2. Our Guru is never absent from our lives. Even before we meet Him, He is with us protecting and guiding us.
Both of the above I have felt and experienced without fully understanding it. Gurumata’s sharing has been like a revelation, as I look back upon my life!


Aarti Padukone, Shirani

Our Gurumata Sudha pachi’s writing is so beautiful – bahut hi adbhut hai!


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