Lesson 24 D. Banquet Lesson Answers to Lesson 24C.

1. The two of you are going to the market. युवाम् आपणं गच्छथः |  
You (d) see a shop on the bank of the river. युवां सरितायाः तटे आपणम् ईक्षेथे |
There are fruits, books and bags in the shop. आपणे फलानि, पुस्तकानि, स्यूताः च वर्तन्ते |
But there is no money in your pockets. परन्तु युवयोः कोषेषु धनं नास्ति |
You( s) speak with your father by telephone. त्वं तव जनकेन सह दूरभाषेण भाषसे |
You ask him. त्वं तं पृच्छसि |
Your father tells you( s)," Go to the bank. तव जनकः तुभ्यं कथयति, "वित्तकोषं गच्छ |"
The bank is not very far from the shop. वित्तकोषः आपणात् न अतिदूरम् |
The bank's president is my friend. वित्तकोषस्य अध्यक्षः मम मित्रम् |
You are asking him for money. त्वं तं धनं याचसे |
You are my son therefore he is giving you money. त्वं मम पुत्रः अतः सः तुभ्यं धनं यच्छति |
When you obtain money from him, then both of you buy the books. "यदा तस्मात् धनं लभसे, तदा युवां पुस्तकानि क्रीणीथः |"
In this manner, the conversation happens. ईदृशं सम्भाषणं भवति |



2. Your(p) school is close to the ancient temple. युष्माकं विद्यालयः पुराणस्य देवालयस्य समीपं वर्तते |
All of you go to the temple and do namaskar to the Lord. यूयं देवालयं गच्छथ देवं वन्दध्वे च  |
The temple's priest sees all of you. देवालयस्य पुरोहितः युष्मान् ईक्षते |
There are flowers on the feet of the Lord. देवस्य पादयोः पुष्पाणि वर्तन्ते |
He gives all of you those flowers. सः तानि पुष्पाणि युष्मभ्यं यच्छति |
From you(p), the priest receives money. युष्मत् पुरोहितः धनं लभते |
He puts it in the box. सः तत् पेटिकायां स्थापयति |
Your (p) money is for the Lord. युष्माकं धनं देवाय |
In all of you is faith. युष्मासु श्रद्धा वर्तते |
The Lord is pleased. देवः मोदते |


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