Lesson 24 A . Buffet Lesson Exercises with Yushmad.

Since there are no special instructions to be given regarding the Yushmad forms, i didn't think it necessary to have a separate concept lesson. Let's get into the Buffet exercises directly.

Nouns Avyayas
                        वित्तकोषः  bank M                  यदि  If
                        दूरभाषः telephone M                तर्हि Only then
                        telephone number M   
                        सम्भाषणम् conversation N    
                        चर्चा discussion F 
                        कोषः pocket M  
                        पुरोहितः priest M



Note:  यदि and तर्हि are used in combination in a sentence just like 'neither-nor', 'either-or' etc.

A. Translate:
1. I am going to the bank.
2. I see you there.
3. I ask you for money. ( Use याच्   1. A.P. to beg/ to ask for. Both , what you ask for and whom you ask it of, fall into the द्वितीया विभक्ति |)
4. You give me money.
5. I give you my telephone number.
6. From you I get your telephone number.
7. By telephone, our conversation happens. ( oh, dear.)
8. We are meeting in the restaurant for a meal.
9. There, our discussion is also happening.
10. Afterwards, if i have faith in you, only then i am giving you money .
B. Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of युष्मद् |   s= singular, d=dual, p=plural.
1. ________________(d)  मम मित्रे स्थः |
2. पुरोहितः  _________ (s) पुष्पं यच्छति |
3. ________________ (s) अहं पुस्तकं नयामि |
 4.  _______________ (p) विद्यालयः तत्र अस्ति |
5. ________________ (p) सह , सा अपि आगच्छति |
6. ते   ______________(d) पश्यन्तु |
7. _________________(p)  एषः अतिचतुरः | ( Tricky one.)
                                           Answers follow in the next Lesson 24 B

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