Lesson 5 Meet our exuberant Jagadisha!

When we entered our Sanskrit class for the very first time, we were greeted very enthusiastically by an energetic and bubbly youngster called Jagadisha. He spoke only in Sanskrit but in the space of a few minutes, we figured out what was happening. Just by asking questions and answering them himself (and with exaggerated gestures and an infectious smile!) our vocabulary jumped up from zero to five. No kiddin'. Take a look...

He looked at Mālā and said- मम नाम जगदीशः। (My name is Jagadisha.)


Please note, it is to be pronounced not as jagadisha but as jagadishah

अहं जगदीशः । (I am Jagadisha.)


भवती का ? (Who are you? .... भवती is the respectful feminine form of you as in the Hindi आप । का = feminine who)
भवत्याः नाम किम् ? (What is your name?)   (“Please don’t leave me out” says Visarga!)
Mālā answered मम नाम माला । अहं माला ।

Jagadish next looked at Chaitanya and said - मम नाम जगदीशः। (My name is Jagadisha.)
अहं जगदीशः । (I am Jagadisha.)
भवान् कः ? (Who are you?) (भवान् = masculine आप । कः = masculine who)
भवतः नाम किम् ? ( What is your name?)
Chaitanya answered अहं चैतन्यः। मम नाम चैतन्यः।

You are Sūraj. Next to you are seated Rāma and Sitā.
Away from you are Laks͟hmī and Shibi (yup, the same person in the dove and eagle story ... and for those of you who want to know the story, write to me.)
Introduce yourself to the others and then ask the others their names.
Listen to their answers and then introduce each one to the other.
Pay special attention to when भवत्याः नाम किम् and when भवतः नाम किम् are used.
Lesson 5. and we are socializing in Sanskrit already!!

Our Jagadisha grabbed Chaitanya by the shoulder and said एषः चैतन्यः (This is Chaitanya.) and pointing to a man seated some distance away asked, सः कः ? (Who is he?) Chaitanya answered सः रविः । ( He is Ravi. )
Jagadisha then said of Mālā who was sitting close by, एषा माला । (This is Mālā.) and to Mālā said, एषः चैतन्यः । (This is Chaitanya.)

Pointing to Ravi and Saraswati seated some distance away, Jagadisha said, सः कः ? सः रविः ।
सा का ? सा सरस्वती ।

Jagadish next called out to Ravi, सा का ? (Who is she?)
Ravi answered, एषा सरस्वती । सा माला । (This is Saraswati. That is Mālā.)

Those sitting close to you are एषः (he-this) or एषा (she-this)
Those a little away from you are सः (he-that) or सा (she-that)

                                                                        Next we learn about the verb गम्


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