Buffet Lesson 18 A. Exercises with the Saptamī.

Nouns Verbs
       कोष्ठः room M
       पात्रम् vessel N
       स्थालिका plate F  
       स्निह्  ( स्निह्यति )  to love.
       blackboard M . 
       स्था  (स्थापयति ) to
       keep/ to place
       refrigerator F  
       स्था (तिष्ठति ) to stand
       or wait.
       आसन्दः chair M
       दण्डदीपः tube-light M 
       पीड् (पीडयति ) to
       व्यजनम्  fan N    
       उत्पीठिका Table F   
       कपाटम् Cupboard N
       पेटिका Suitcase F  
       मञ्चः bed M  
       पाचकः / बाष्पस्थाली  Pressure Cooker/ also a cook! M
       सङ्गणकः Computer M  
       चषकः glass ( what you drink from.)M  
       कुटुम्बम् family N
       प्रातःकालः morning M  
       मध्याह्नः afternoon M  
       सायङ्कालः evening M
       दिनम् day N  
       निशा night.F  




1. In the morning, I go to school.
 2. In the night, I sit on my bed.
 3. In Sharada's hand  is a fruit.
 4. The milk is in the glass.
 5. The girl throws  her  clothes from the cupboard into the suitcase.
 6. That man loves his (two) sons.
 7. The two sons love the father.
 8. The tube-lights are in the room.
 9. The vegetables are in the refrigerator.
10. In the evening, the shopkeeper is  reading in his shop.
11. Kavita's meal is on her plate.
12. The blackboard is in school.
13. Clouds are in the sky.
14. Water is in the lake.
15. The question is in the computer but  not in the book.
16. I put the rice in the pressure cooker.
17. The milk is in the milk-vessel.
18. In the night, I am sitting in the restaurant on a  chair and eating food.
19. In the day, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are walking in Disneyland.
20. Vijay's shop is in the village.
21. Anuraag is sitting with Prerna in the cinema.
22. The teacher is strolling in the garden with his students.
23. Naresh lives in the forest with his family.
                                                                            Answers follow in the next Lesson 18 B

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