Banquet Lesson 17 C. Exercises with the S̲h̲as̲h̲t̲h̲ī.

                                    भल्लुकः Bear M(animal!)  
                                    सेना army F  
                                    वात्सल्यम् Maternal/ paternal love. N
                                    दूतः messenger M
Clue: Our Subhashita section is also a  good source for new words!

 1. Dasharath is Ayodhya's king.
 2. Ayodhya is Dasharath's kingdom.
 3. Dasharath's wives are Kaushalya and Sumitra.(Kaikeyi is ईकारान्त ...she will come under the spotlight a few lessons from now.)
 4. His sons are Ram, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughn.
 5. Kaushalya and Sumitra's husband is Dasharath.
 6. The boys' father is Dasharath.
 7. Dasharath looks at (his) sons with love.
 8. He thinks , "These are my sons."
 9. The boys' father Dasharath is feeling unhappy.
10. His wife is troubling him.
11. She says that, "My son is Bharat.
12. My son is not Ram.
13. My son is becomes king, not Ram.....
14. Bharat is angry with Manthara.
15. He tells her, " Am I becoming king?
16. No.
17. My brother Ram is becoming king, not I."
18. Ram is going from the palace towards the forest.
19. With him are his brother Lakshman and his wife Sita too.
20. They are wearing clothes of bark.
21. Ram, Sita and Lakshman go to Chitrakoot.
22. There they experience happiness.
23. Ram's wife Sita sees a deer.
24. She wants that deer.
25. Ram takes his arrows and goes towards the deer.
26. The deer sees Ram and runs .
27. Ram runs too.
28. Sita tells Lakshman that a Rakshas is troubling Ram.
29. I am afraid of that Rakshas.
30. That Rakshas is wearing ( has donned) the form of a deer.                                                                             
31. I am not going outside the house.
32. Therefore Lakshman goes towards Ram .
33. He is now protecting Ram.
34. Lakshman is not protecting Ram's wife Sita  (Trip-up alert).
35. Raavan comes and takes away Sita.
36. Sita cries but Ram is not there.
37. Lakshman is also not there.
38. Where is Raavan taking Sita?
39. He is taking her to Lanka.
40. Sita throws her ornament from the Pushpak-Viman.
41. Ram sees her ornament.
42. A bird ( Jatayu) tells him that Raavan is taking Sita to Lanka.
43. Aanjaneya  goes to Lanka.
44. He goes to the Ashoka-vatikaa.
45. Ashoka-vatikaa is Raavan's garden.
46. Sita is there.
47. He throws Ram's ornament from the tree.
48. Sita looks at Aanjaneya.
49. Aanjaneya tells her, " I am Ram's messenger.
50. That ornament is His.
51. Now we are going from here."
52. Sita says, "No, I am waiting here.
53. When my husband comes to Lanka, then i am going to Ayodhya with Him."
54. Ram also comes to Lanka with Lakshman and (his) friends.
55. Ram's friends are Aanjaneya,  Sugreeva, Vibhishana, monkeys and bears.
56. War happens.
57. Ram throws arrows from (his) hand. ( To say where the arrows fall, we'll have to wait for the सप्तमी विभक्ति )
58. Raavan does not live.
59. The army conquers Lanka.
60. Ram goes towards Sita.
61. He speaks to her with kind and gentle words.
62. Sita feels happy.
63. Sita comes to Ayodhya with Ram.
64. They live with happiness.    
                                                                       Answers folow in the next Lesson 17 D                                                        


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