Banquet  Lesson 16 C. Exercises with the Pañchamī.



        हलम् plough N          कृष् (कर्षति) ploughs        बहिः outside.
        मेघः cloud M
        वस् (वसति) lives.        अनन्तरम् /  परम् /उर्ध्वम् after.
        सरोवरः lake M          प्राक् before.
        वर्षा rain F         विना without
        अङ्कुरः Sprout M         
        बीज seed N     
        सिंहः lion M     
        मृगः deer M
        मित्रम् friend N    
       मित्रः Sun M    
       प्रकाशः light M    
       परः other( as in somebody else; stranger) M
       तापः heat M    





 1.  A garden is outside that house.
 2.  On both sides of that house are trees and creepers.
 3.  All around that house are flowers.
 4.  Those flowers fall from those creepers.
 5.  These two fruits fall from these two trees.
 6.  A boy is playing there.
 7.  He throws the ball from (his) hand .
 8.  The farmer sees that rain is falling from the clouds.
 9.  He takes the plough and goes outside the house.
10. He goes towards the field.
11. With the plough, he ploughs the field.
12. He sows seeds.
13. From the seeds, the sprouts arise.
14. He protects those sprouts from  the deer (plural).
15. He brings a stick from the house and with it he protects those sprouts from the deer.
16. Outside the village is a forest.
17. There are trees there.
18. A lion also lives there.
19. The lion is angry with the deer( singular).
20. The deer is afraid of the lion.
21. The deer is also afraid of  the farmer.
22. The farmers are not afraid of the deer (dual) but are afraid of the lion.
23. Before a bath, i play with friends outside the house.
24. After a bath, i do namaskar to God .
25. When i am reading books, then from those books, knowledge arises.
    ( if it were only that simple!)
26. Keshav , from the teacher, studies knowledge(विद्या) for liberation.
27. This is a king.
28. He protects  the kingdom.
29. He protects the kingdom from others (enemies).
30. He protects the kingdom from others (enemies)with arrows.         
31. This king is now conquering others.
32. The people feel happy ( experience happiness ...Use those gray cells here!)
33. They think that this king is always protecting them from unhappiness.
34. Suresh is a friend.
35. This friend is looking at the Sun.
36. He sees that light is arising from the sun.
37. The heat is also arising from the Sun... this he experiences.
38. The Sun sees this friend.
39. He thinks that I am not protecting Suresh from the light and heat.
40. Then he tells the cloud, " I am giving light and heat to Suresh but you are protecting Suresh from the light and heat.
41. You are not giving Suresh light and heat , you are giving him rain."
42. From where have those boys come?
43. Those boys have come from that village.
44. From the village they are going towards the cinema hall.
45. With those boys are the girls too.
46. On all sides of the boys and girls are teachers.
47. The teachers are protecting the boys and girls from bad people always.
48. Without the teachers, the boys and girls are not going outside the village.
49. Are you going outside the house now?
50. Yes, I am going outside the house now.
51. I am going to the lake.
52. Are you also coming?
53. No, I am going to the shop and am buying books.
54. From there, i am going to school.
55. I am giving those books to Pushpa.
56. She is a friend.
57. Without Pushpa, i am not going to the lake.
58. Outside the village is a lake.
59. From the lake, Sharada brings water.
60. She gives that water to the boy.
61. That boy tells Sharada, "I am feeling happy now."

                                                                              Answers follow in the next lesson, 16 D

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