Lesson 12 A. Exercising with Jane-FondA !

  Nouns/ Pronouns                        Verbs    General  Avyayas.
       बालिका girl
       कन्या girl 
       उप + विश् (उपविशति )
       to sit.
       इतः from here
       पाठशाला  school
       अजा  she goat
       सद्  (सीदति ) to sit        ततः from there
       सा  She
       जनः person M 
       स्था (तिष्ठति) to stand/to wait        यतः from whence
       चित्रपटगृहम् cinema hall/ theatre N
       उपाहारगृहम् restaurant/ eatery N 
       आ + गम्  (आगच्छति)
       to come.
       कुतः from where?
       विद्या knowledge         रच्  (रचयति) to make.         इति Thus / so
       लता creeper/ name of a girl.        नृत् (नृत्यति) to dance         परन्तु /किन्तु but
       क्रीडा  game/play
       अध्यापिका teacher (Of course a woman!)
       चिन्त् (चिन्तयति) to think  




Be one of those ideal students and revise all the previous lessons, won't you? It's absolutely necessary if you want to do today's exercise without tripping up. i'd rather you don't think me a monster.
 A)  Translate.

 1.    I am studying.
 2.    Sarika and Ganesh are also studying.
 3.    We look at the books.
 4.    We think, "Where does knowledge come from?"
 5.    Sarika says, "Knowledge comes from here! " ...thus.
 6.    We all laugh.
 7.    Anubhava is walking towards the temple.
 8.    He sees a she goat.
 9.    The she goat is eating leaves.
10.   She looks at the people around the temple.
11.   She waits there.
12.   Mala walks towards the she goat.
13.   She touches the she goat.
14.   The she goat and Mala sit on both sides of the temple.
15.   Where does the girl come from?
16.   The girl comes from there.
17.   From whence the girl comes, from there the boy also comes. (I realize the sentence sounds ludicrous, so how about a Hindi translation? जहाँ से    लड़की आती है, वहाँ से लड़का भी आता है)
18.   The boy and the girl go to the garden.
19.   The girl falls.
20.   She sits down.
21.   The boy also sits down.
22.   The boy speaks but the girl does not speak.
23.   The gardener is looking at the garden.
24.   He touches the flowers.
25.   He makes a  garland.
26.   He makes two garlands.
27.   Now he makes many garlands.
28.   The two girls are dancing.
29.   Lata is dancing .
30.   Sharada is waiting and looking at Lata.
31.   Now Sharada is dancing.
32.   But Lata is not looking at Sharada.
33.   She is looking at the sky.
34.   Radha wants food.
35.   She wants water too.
36.   She goes to the restaurant.
37.   She sees two birds there.
38.   They are eating a meal too.
39.   Radha now does not wait there.
40.   She goes home.
41.   There she eats food and drinks water.
42.   There are creepers all around the garden.
43.   I see the creepers.
44.   Mala says ," You see the creepers. But I see the flowers too"
45.   Then we both see the creepers and flowers.

B) Form the complete verb tables in the present tense for all the verbs in today's lesson.

C) Revise all the verbs and the avyayas in the lessons done so far.
Quite a bit of homework!
                                                                       Answers follow in Lesson 12 B next                                                 

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