Lesson 20 A Buffet exercises A) on Lessons 19, 20 ( Step 1.), 20 (Step 2.)

1. Recite  aloud , the verb and the noun/pronouns in combinations. For example,    


                                                                    सः पठतु,  तौ पठताम् ,  ते पठन्तु ,
                                                                सा पठतु,  ते पठताम् , ताः पठन्तु
                                                               तत् पठतु ,  ते पठताम् ,  तानि पठन्तु |

                                                               त्वं पठ, युवां पठतम् , यूयं पठत |
                                                               अहं पठानि, आवां पठाव, वयं पठाम |



2. Replace the verb and then do the same exercise over again with गम्(गच्छ >), पा (पिब ), लिख्  , वद् , खाद्  |
Please say it out loud. That's the only way to train yourself to use the correct combinations. Also try and picturise the table in your mind. Visual memory goes a longer way in helping you to recall.
3. Study the Supplement section carefully. The राम , वन , माला and the pronouns should also be stacked firmly in your memory bank.
4. Read the following example: Ram drink water. And then translate it into both--राम ,भवान् जलं पिबतु | and राम , त्वं जलं  पिब |

Do the same for--
1. Sita, sit here.
2. Lakshman, eat this fruit.
3. Keshav, do not go to the garden now.
4. Read this book.
5. Speak.
6. Tell the story to the girl. 

Note: it is not necessary to say the भवान्  and त्वम् in conversations when we use sentences of this kind. We are doing it now to fix the verb- noun/pronoun combination firmly in our minds.

5. Translate the following sentences into Sanskrit. The second sentence in the group MAY have two translations!
 1. Ram is going to the cinema.
 2. Ram, go to the cinema.
 3. Madhav is playing with Shyam.
 4. Madhav, play with Shyam.
 5. I am reading a book.
 6. May I read a book?
 7. The teacher is speaking to the students.
 8. Teacher, speak to the students.
 9. Father is cooking food in the kitchen.( use जनकः )
10. Father, cook food in the kitchen.
11. All of us are dancing in the school.
12. May all of us dance in the school?
13. The two of you are looking at the bird.
14. The two of you, look at the bird.
15. The girls are coming from the village.
16. Girls, come from the village.
17. The two boys are crying.
18. ( Hey!) two boys, cry.

6. Only read and understand the following

मयूरः A peacock.
मयूरः नृत्यति |  कुत्र नृत्यति ? मयूरः उद्याने नृत्यति | कदा  नृत्यति ?  सायङ्काले नृत्यति | त्वं मयूरं पश्य | त्वम् उद्यानं  गच्छ | सुन्दरं मयूरं पश्य | 


                                             We now proceed to Buffet Exercises B Answers- Buffet A. 19, 20-1, 20-2.                                            


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