Subhashita 20. Fate's decree.
One can endlessly debate on whether one's life is in one's hands or whether fate rules supreme. Many subhashitas champion पुरुषार्थ , one's efforts, many others are allies of Madame Fate.
 Have a look at this one......
पिता रत्नाकरो यस्य, लक्ष्मीर्यस्य सहोदरी |
शङ्खो भिक्षाटनं कुर्यात्  फलं भाग्यानुसारतः ||


यस्य whose पिता father रत्नाकरः ( is the ) Ocean, यस्य whose  सहोदरी sister लक्ष्मीः ( is) Lakshmi |
शङ्खः Conch Shell भिक्षाटनं wander for food कुर्यात् should do फलं fruits भाग्यानुसारतः decreed by fate ||

The Ocean, the Ratnakar, a storehouse of precious gems, is the father of the Conch Shell. Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, who arose from the Ocean is therefore the Conch Shell's sister. Yet, the Shell should wander the streets for food ! ( People, in search for food or charity blow the shell to call for attention.) The fruits that one receives is decreed by fate.

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