Subhashita 13. The Gem that was Lakshmana.
         The unspeakable had happened. Ravana had forcibly put Sita into his Pushpaka Vimaan and was moving swiftly across the skies towards Lanka. Frantically Sita pulled off her jewellery and threw it to the ground. Then they were over the seas and had disappeared from view.
          Sita's loss had Rama and Lakshmana in deep despair. In their search for her, they reached the ocean. The monkeys, who had by then joined Rama and Lakshmana, found the jewellery on the sands. Thrilled by their discovery, hoping that it would be a clue to Sita's whereabouts, they took their precious find to Rama. Rama was in no position to identify the full of anguish was He!
The monkeys then brought them to Lakshmana who, through his tears, said....
नाहं जानामि केयूरे, नाहं जानामि कुण्डले |
नूपुरे त्वभिजानामि नित्यं पादाभिवन्दनात् ||


न अहं जानामि केयूरे I do not recognize the bracelets (worn on the upper arms),
नाहं जानामि कुण्डले  nor do I recognize the ear-rings.
नूपुरे तु अभिजानामि But the anklets I do recognize
नित्यं पादाभिवन्दनात् from having touched Her feet everyday.
   Is it a wonder then that Lakshmana is just as revered by people as Rama and Sita are?

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