Subhashita 5. A Fulfilling Life.
i was young. That incessant studying during the exams was becoming tiresome and in a fit of rebellion i declared," That's it. This much and no more. i know enough to pass that exam. Who cares for first place? What am i going to do with that knowledge anyway? "and i set my books aside.
  My father's special. He has never been known to be the patriarchal tyrant. He simply said," 'Wherever you see excellence, O Arjuna, recognize it to be Me.' These are Lord Krishna's own words, child. We all try to evolve, hoping to reach that state of perfection which is The Lord. Will you settle for something less than that? Put in your best effort, all of yourself, in everything that you do. Self effort naturally leads to development in skills. What you gain thereby is not meant to be kept to yourself but given to others. It is in giving that you receive. The joy of giving  is tremendous and so fulfilling. Do you not want to lead a fulfilling life? Allow the Divine, in the form of excellence, to manifest Itself within you and then share it with the world. In परोपकार lies true happiness. Listen to this subhashita, child....  
पिबन्ति नद्यः स्वयमेव नाम्भः, स्वयं न खादन्ति फलानि वृक्षाः।
नादन्ति सस्यं खलु वारिवाहाः, परोपकाराय सतां विभूतयः ।। 


And he explained..
नद्यः The Rivers; स्वयम् एव their own; अम्भः water; न पिबन्ति do not drink . वृक्षाः The Trees ; स्वयम् फलानि   their own fruits; न खादन्ति do not eat; वारिवाहाः The clouds; खलु truly; न अदन्ति do not eat सस्यं crops ( that they help grow) ; विभूतयः Manifestations of excellence सतां of good people परोपकाराय (are) for the welfare of others."
 And he smiled as i hit my books again with renewed enthusiasm.

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