Lesson 81. Sanskrit Proverbs लोकोक्तयः

Lokoktaya-s are different from the Nyaya-s in that a whole sentence is used to convey an idea and not just a couple of words. These proverbs are picked from subhashitas, poems, dramas..... the field is completely open. If the proverb is understood in the correct context, they can be used very artistically. For example, if your kid is giving you a tough time about taking Sanskrit lessons and you'd like him to begin, throw in the first proverb after your lecture for good measure!
Some of these proverbs are explained in Hindi also. Also don't be surprised if two proverbs teach two completely opposite ideas. English does that too- Too many cooks spoil the broth vs. Many hands make light work!

We have listed  160 proverbs लोकोक्तयः . To get to these in PDF format, please <CLICK HERE>/myAssets/audio/Lokoktayah_(from_GP_Lessons).pdf



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