Lesson 59. In-ending words. इन्नन्तशब्दाः
Just watch the capacity of Sanskrit to create new words….
Here I am with a book in my hand. "I possess a book."
You do not know my name but you can describe me…. पुस्तकिन् |
The elephant uses his trunk like I would my hand. He possesses a hand. An elephant is therefore also known as करिन् |
An elephant possesses tusks. He is therefore a दन्तिन्  |
A student possesses the desire (अर्थ) for knowledge(विद्या). He is a विद्यार्थिन्  |
Refer to  Supplement 41 to learn how to decline these words. The feminine will go like नदी  |  पुस्तकिनी, विद्यार्थिनी  etc. Do you now see why the woman of the house is called a  गृहिणी  ?


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