Lesson 39 A.   Appetizer Lesson Avyaya Couples.

Translate using the correct Avyaya pair:  ( By now I hope you will have seen how difficult it is to translate word for word..... trust your instincts to come up with a good "Sanskrit-like" sentence.)
1.    As long as the rain falls, I am not going out of my house.
2.    If she is going to the party ( सम्भोजनम्  ) I am not coming.
3.    Even if she goes to the party, are you going ?
4.    Alright ( अस्तु ), if you are going, I will come too, otherwise I am staying home.
5.    I do not have faith in her. She is not as she behaves.
6.    If I tell her a secret, then with certainty everybody will know (Please Check Supplement 28)

( translate this in the present tense since we still have to learn how to conjugate verbs in the future tense.)
7.    When you meet her, then do not tell her  that I have talked about her to you.
8.    As long as she does not talk to me, I am happy.
9.    If she asks you what I have said, tell her that I have talked about her good nature.
10.    Even if she is my sister's friend, I do not trust her.( better translated as ...my trust is not in her.)
Can't get any gossipier than this, can it??

                                                                      Answers in the next Lesson 39 B

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