Lesson 37 A. Appetizer Lesson Working with Time.

A. Translate:

Nouns Avyayas Adjectives
       breakfast M 
        खादनार्थं   to eat
      श्रमपूर्णः - श्रमपूर्णम् - श्रमपूर्णा
      filled with hard work
       सूर्योदयः  sunrise M           पेयार्थं   to drink  
       वृषभः bullock M           प्रतिप्रातःकालम्  every morning  
       पोलिका chapati F            अनन्तरम् after ( to be used with the पञ्चमी विभक्ति )  
       पलाण्डुः onion M           प्राक् before (पञ्चमी विभक्ति)  
       वटवृक्षः banyan tree M           सभोजनं   with lunch.  
       विश्रामः rest M       
       खाद्यम्  food N      


The Farmer
Madhava is a farmer. His life is filled with hard work. He wakes up everyday at Brahma-muhoort. Having taking his bath and doing his japa and puja, Madhava  eats  breakfast at 6 o'clock . Every morning, he goes to the field  after sunrise. Before noon, he plows the field with the help of  two bullocks.
At noon, his wife, Malini, comes to the field with lunch. He eats only two chapatis and an onion. In the afternoon, he rests  under the banyan tree for some time and then works again.
In the evening, at 5: 15, he washes his bullocks and gives them time to rest. At 6:30 he gives his bullocks food to eat and clean water to drink. At 5 minutes to 7, he comes back home. After having washed his face, hands and feet, he prays to the Lord. At 7: 45, he eats dinner. In the night, at 8:25, he goes to sleep.
B. How about trying out similar compositions on topics of your own?
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