Lesson 36 A. Exercises with The Numerals 1- 10.

       वटवृक्षः banyan tree M   
       कमलम् lotus N  
       लेखनी pen F 
       अङ्कनी pencil F
       garbage bin  F
       मयूरः  peacock  M
       मयूरी  peahen  F
       aeroplane  N
       पृष्ठम्  page   N
       female goat  F




1. One boy, one girl and one book are on the table.
2. Two monkeys, two leaves and two girls are on the branch of a banyan tree.
3. Three rivers, three mountains and three forests are in the picture.
4. Four trees, four houses  and four garlands are in the box.
5. Five lotuses, five poets and five pens are in that pond.
6. Six cups, six televisions and six pencils are in the garbage bin.
7. Seven peacocks, seven peahens and seven aeroplanes are in the sky.
8. Eight men, eight girls and eight friends are singing .
9. Nine girls , nine boys and nine laddoos are in the restaurant. 
10. Ten Brahmins, ten pages and ten female goats are in the ashrama.
                                                                                  Answers follow in the next Lesson 36 B                                                                                                ****************************               


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