Lesson 26 A. Appetizer Lesson Exercises with यद् and किम् |

We've avtaarofied yet again! A little birdie told me that we have spent enough time on translating hazaar sentences. So i told the little birdie that i would get my Buffets and Banquets to go into hibernation, since my students now have got the hang of it. ONE  exercise lesson with each detailed concept lesson and 10 sentences set for translations. That's it and no more. They will be called "Appetizers"..... hoping to whet your appetite. You'll have to cook your meals yourself, though! Thrown in for good measure, once in a while, will be lessons called " Hearty Khichadis"..... revision lessons which will encompass all things learned so far. There will be no concept lessons accompanying them.  The coming lessons will concentrate on building your vocabulary. Now, knowing how to handle each vibhakti, the verbs, adjectives and avyayas,  you can intelligently use the words to start conversing with whosoever will listen to you. With the bonus time that you will acquire, you will set yourselves to

  1.    Concentrating on memorizing the slowly-but-surely-ever-growing Supplement Section.
  2.    Writing your own simple sentences AND sending them to me for my scrutiny.

So shall we begin?


  1.  Who gives the poor man wealth?
  2.  He who gives the poor man wealth, he is a rich man.
  3.  Amongst the students, he whose name is Ram,( he) come here.
  4.  Who is standing here? ( feminine)
  5.  If Gopal is not here then how am i cooking? ( oh, dear. A better sentence structure would be- How do i cook if Gopal is not here?)
  6.  Give that boy milk.
  7.  Who is giving that boy milk?
  8.  To which boy you are giving milk, give that boy fruits too.( जिस बालक को तुम दूध दे रहे हो, उस बालक को फल भी दो )
  9.  The fruits that I am eating, those fruits do you want too?(जो फल मैं खा रही हूँ , वो फल तुम भी चाहते हो ?)
  10.  Which girl is speaking?

                                             Answers follow in the next Lesson 26 B


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