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Shri Chitrapur Math is the vibrant and serene spiritual beacon of the Chitrapur Saraswat samaja, which is a small but highly enterprising and successful global family today. Lord Bhavanishankar – Lord Shiva with His consort Parvati – is the presiding deity – the aradhya Devata of the Math. Our faith and search for the Absolute Truth is rooted in the Advaita (non-dual) philosophy propagated by the world-renowned 8th century sage – Adi Shankaracharya and therefore traces its origin from Lord Bhavanishankar, who appeared as Lord Dakshinamoorti under a banyan tree to impart self-realization in total silence to the four sons of Bramha.

Over three centuries now, 11 erudite and compassionate Yateeshwars have graced the peetha of our Math gently guiding the progress of our laity on the path of Sanatana dharma. The Vaidik Pathshala ( where systematic training is given to budding priests) and the Nitya-niyama – the absorbing chants and meaningful puja-s, homa-s and various ceremonies offered to the Divine- from the soulful suprabhatam to the melodious mangalam- make our Math the nucleus of deep devotion and discipline which are required to inspire lasting faith. Moreover, the many socio-economic projects taken up by the Math in the vital areas of health, education, employment opportunities for the native population and woman empowerment have been instrumental in drawing many intelligent and large-hearted members of our samaja, from far and near, to establish a lasting connection with the Math and the Guru and discover the enriching joy of seva.


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