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A perennial spring of creativity and commitment; a bubbling stream of novel ideas and inspiration; a gushing river of positive energy and enthusiasm – this is what the Chitrapur Yuvadhara symbolises… A growing family of caring, fun-loving, but responsible young adults between age group of 15 and 35 with immense talent in varied fields, Yuvadhara members may have the ambition to reach for the sky, but this intent is rooted firmly in the stability and the spiritual strength drawn from more than 300-year-old Guru Parampara.

Born in the cultured and sensitive Chitrapur Saraswat community; blessed with a Guru who tries His best to be accessible and who has made them aware of the importance of total fitness of body, mind and spirit and nurtured by a dedicated band of qualified guides who devise innumerable programmes to channel their boundless potential, all members of the Yuvadhara have begun to bond effortlessly, become knowledgeable and proud about their roots and priceless heritage and turned eager to contribute, in whatever manner they can -- to brighten the lives of those around them and lighten the loads of the less privileged. Can there be a better way to flow towards the future?


To deepen the connection of youngsters with the Math, the Guru Parampara and the Chitrapur Samaj.

The objectives of Chitrapur Yuvadhara are ---

Provide a Forum to Chitrapur Saraswat youngsters to come / bond together

To create awareness of existing activities connected to Shri Chitrapur Math and to participate in them

Provide opportunities to youngsters to expand learning, develop new skills while providing a valuable platform for self expression

To make youngsters aware of social, cultural and spiritual responsibilities through manifold activities


1) Yuvadhara Finance Team

Ameet Kalyanpur (Goregoan)

Navin Bijur (Grant road)


2) Hall of Fame

Amit Kilpady (Bengaluru)

Avanti Kalawar (Thane)


3) Presentation Updates and Compilation Team

Chinmay Kallianpur (Pune)

Vaishali Heblekar (Pune)

Aseema Balwally (Thane)

Madhura Haldipur (Borivali)

Kushal Bailur (Bengaluru)

Saikrupa Nalkur (Bengaluru)

Mohit Karkal (Dadar)


4) Presenters_Coordination Team:

Aniruddh Nagarkatte (Santacruz)

Aditya Chandavarkar (Dadar)

Mohit Karkal (Dadar)

Navin Bijur (Grant road)

Madhura Haldipur (Borivali).


5) Shrama Seva Coordination Team:

a) at Karla Math : for Mumbai, Pune and Nasik

Aditya Chandavarkar (Dadar)

Kartik Kadle (Grant Road)

b) Bengaluru Math

Smita Baljekar

c) Shirali

Sushant Harite (Goa)

Vinay Padbidri (Honnavar)

Purvi Bhatt (Manki)

Puja Pandit/ Shayan Shirali (Shirali)

Shreyas Balwally/Anusha Manjeshwar (Mangalore)

Chaitra Basrur/Anjan kaikini (Sagar)