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THAPONIDHI- Sanyuktha Karnataka newspaper's special supplement on Shri Chitrapur Math.

 Page 1: Page 1 features a beautiful article about Parama Pujya Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji that speaks about His spiritual teachings, His foresight, His mastery in various languages and skills, and His benevolence. It also features a short introduction to our glorious Guru Parampara along with the entire lineage and a short note about the historic Tercentenary Stamp release function. Next to Parama Pujya Swamiji's message to the readers, a short article speaks about the transformation that brought about in the families of Mallapur by an initiative taken by the Math.


Page 2 features articles about the various programmes undertaken by SCM towards socio-cultural development, environmental preservation through afforestation in Panchavati, rural development and educational initiatives.

Page 3 features a detailed note on the Guru Parampara along with two short write-ups about the various sabhas across the world and an interesting story of a boat, which is more than a hundred years old, entrusted to a christian family in Hemmad. This boat was used to ferry Pujya Swamiji across the river in the past before the bridge was built.

Page 4 carries short articles about the Shirmat Parijnanashram Vastu Sangrahalaya, Chaturmasya Vrata and SCM's efforts towards rural uplift.