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flag Upcoming Event : Kara Seva Shibir Announcement



Shirali, 7th May to 14th May 2017
Held under the aegis of Shri Chitrapur Math, Shirali

II Shri Gurubhyo Namah II
II Shri Bhavanishankaraya Namah II
II Shri Matre Namah II


Jai Shankar !

With the blessings of Parama Pujya Shrimat Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji, the Kara Seva Shibir, 2017 will be held for Chitrapur Saraswat youth as per details given below:

The Shibir is being co-ordinated by Shri Krishnanand Heblekar, (Pune) and organized by Shri Niranjan Nagarkatte (Mumbai)

Venue: Shri Chitrapur Math, Shirali

Dates: Sunday, May 7th to Sunday, May 14th , 2017

Reporting: By evening May 6th or latest by early morning May 7th at Shri Chitrapur Math, Shirali.

Departure: May 14th after 1500 hrs.

Eligibility: Yuvas between 15 and 35 years of age. Students who have appeared for their 10th Std. exams are also eligible.

Objective: The primary objective will be Kara Seva in the Math premises and farms at Kembre and Bengre and familiarisation with all the daily Math activities.

The last date for registration is April 23rd , 2017

For registration forms and all correspondence :-
Send email to chitrapurshibirs@gmail.com

Contact persons for any information will be Pramukh Sanchalak Shri Niranjan Nagarkatte, +919821810204 or Shri Krishnanand Heblekar, +919822116926

Yuvas are urged to avail of this opportunity to connect with our Math and seek the blessings of our glorious Guru Parampara.

Yours in the Seva of the Math, the Guru and the Guru Parampara

Krishnanand Heblekar

Chief Coordinator, Shibirs.