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Abhinav Roop of our Math
» Kshetrapal , the Guardian, which was earlier located inside the temple complex near Maha Ganapati sannidhi, is now placed outside close to the main entrance under a neat canopy
» Sannidhi of HH Krishnashram Swamiji
» Vast expanse of the inner parikrama makes a lasting impression as soon as you enter the Main temple
» Spacious Yajnashala located in the area behind the Sannidhi of HH Keshavashram Swamiji and HH Krishnashram Swamiji facilitates a large gathering to watch proceedings with ease
» the three new shrines are located to your left as you enter the Main temple
» Independent sthan for all Family Deities, neatly arranged and marked, make it easy for the devotees to view
» The main shrine where Lord Bhavanishankar is seated captures your attention as you surrender at His Feet
» Sannidhi of HH Pandurangashram Swamiji- the vastu that has now been renovated, was first constructed during His time almost a century ago
» Three new Shrines of Devi Shrivalli Bhuvaneshwari, Maha Ganapati and Adi Shankaracharya and new “Guru Paduka Sannidhi” where Padukas of HH Parijnanashram Swamiji III, located in spacious new home
» HH Anandashram Sannidhi- Interiors of all Sannidhi look bright and clean
» Bright sunlight floods the temple through the day, thanks to new RCC slab cast at a good height
» Guru Paduka Sannidhi- marks the home coming of HH Parijnanashram Swamiji
» HH Shankarashram I Sannidhi co-located in the shrine of Lord Bhavanishankar, is also known as Hodi Samadhi
» New Viewing gallery for Swamiji to watch proceedings in the hall during major functions, is located above Bhiksha chamber
» HH Parijnanashram II Sannidhi- Doors of all Sannidhis are being cladded in silver sheets as a part of the renovation project
» New Goshala-built with scientific approach has an airy and bright environment
» Exterior view Sannidhis of HH Parijnanashram II Swamiji, HH Keshavashram Swamiji and HH Krishnashram Swamiji
» It is customary for Swamiji to visit Goshala to feed the cows and also keep a watchful eye on the hygiene and health of the Go-dhan
» All Samadhi sthans were renovated extensively without touching the core. exteriors retain their traditional look even with the new granite cladding
» Lord Anjaneya vigraha consecrated on 15th Feb 2008, in front of Dhwajastambha protectively gazes at all those entering the Math complex
» Sannidhi of HH Keshavashram Swamiji
» As you complete the outer Parikrama, you return to the Sarovar. A new amphetheater is being crafted without disturbing the idyllic precincts of this water body
Over the last few years, the Math complex in Shirali has gone through a major metamorphosis.   Three new Shrines of Devi Shrivalli Bhuvaneshwari, Maha Ganapati and Adi Shankaracharya and new “Guru Paduka Sannidhi” where Padukas of HH Parijnanashram Swamiji III are placed, are the major additions.   The old stuctrure, constructed during the times of HH Shrimat Panduranshram Swamiji of hallowed memory, was in need of repairs.  Befitting the momentous occasion of Tercentenary of the Math in 2008, various projects were taken up since 2003-2004 to renovate the structure and also create new amenities such as a modern Guest house and Bhojanshala.  Here is a tour of the newly renovated vastu of the Main Temple complex