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Announcing two new eBooks

Pashu-Puraan and Saraswat Families

In continuation to the first e-Book "Pandurang Pandurang" and to coincide with the auspicious occasion of Parama Pujya Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji's 50th Janma-Divas on 1st November 2014, Chitrapur e-Books has added two more eBooks for download.

"Pashu-Puraan" by Gopal S Hattiangdi written in 1967, is a fascinating take on animals and birds that inhabit our folklore and shows the close relationship between Man and Nature. Full of delightful tales of animals real and mythical, it's a book that will be enjoyed by people of all age groups.

"Saraswat Families" written by the Community stalwart Shri S.S.Talmaki. The book is at once a study of the history of the Chitrapur Saraswats, a compendium of it's customs and ceremonies and most interestingly, contains brief histories of the families that make up our Community.

Please visit www.chitrapurebooks.com to download these books.

The webmasters of chitrapurebooks.com have gratefully acknowledged the valuable guidance and blessings of our Sadguru, Parama Pujya Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji, in taking this project forward.



Pandurang, Pandurang

At the initiative of some Chitrapur Saraswats of Delhi, a website has been launched to host books of interest to our Chitrapur Saraswat community-the first ever electronic book [eBook ] "Pandurang, Pandurang". The print version of this book, written in 1965 by the late Dr. Gopal S. Hattiangdi, is a definitive biography of Parama Pujya Pandurangashram Swamiji [1847-1915 ] who, in His tenure of 52 years [1864-1915 ], left His mark on matters spiritual and temporal on our community. This year, 2014, is the 150th anniversary of PP Pandurangashram Swamiji`s ascension as the Mathadhipati of Shri Chitrapur Math, Shirali. It was therefore thought that this was an appropriate moment to convert the biography as an eBook, so it can be accessed by maximum number of people, particularly the yuva-s sections. The book is also an interesting heritage read, giving many insights into the life of our community in the 19th and early 20th centuries.



The website can be accessed at http://www.chitrapurebooks.com


To download the book directly, use the following links

The website can be accessed at http://tiny.cc/pdfpandurang

for the .epub format eBook http://tiny.cc/epubpandurang

for the .mobi format eBook http://tiny.cc/mobipandurang