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The Shri Chitrapur Guruparampara Charitra , in the words of Shri V.Rajgopal Bhat, is an epic in mellifluous Marathi verse by the venerable Smt. Umabai Aroor. It is an inspired Praasaadik Grantha - a flower of Divine Grace - and sings the saga of ourglorious Guruparampara. To those who study it reverentially, it is a gold mine of spiritual inspiration. Guruparampara Charitra Parayan Saptaaha is regularly conducted at various places. At Talmakiwadi, this tradition has been followed for the last 29 years.

The Shri Chitrapur Nityapaath was released on the occasion of the maiden visit to Mumbai of H.H. Shrimat Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji on the 1st December 1998. It contains prayers, hymns, Suprabhaatam, Deepanamaskaars, Shankar narayangeetam, Mangalpadam - all prayers traditionally associated with our Chitrapur culture. But what made this small booklet very popular was the inclusion of hymns recited during Shiva poojanam and Devi poojanam - the Shiva-ashtottarashatanaamavali, the Lalitha-ashtottarashatanaamavali, and the Durga-ashtottarashatanaamavali. The idea originated at Bangalore during Swamiji's visit (Chaturmasya 1998), when cyclostyled / Xeroxed copies of the Stotras were circulated. During His visit to Pune (Navaraatri-1998), it took the shape of a small booklet. The poojas were performed by Swamiji Himself, and devotees had to follow the chants after Swamiji. The material was then organised in a book form , with good print, a beautiful cover picture of the Math, the new Math logo behind, and was made available at all venues during Swamiji's Mumbai visit. It was a common sight to see all devotees moving around with this booklet in hand and it was no wonder that the 'Nithyapaath' sold a record 4000 copies in 3 months !!

Anandabodhamrit was released on 5th February 1999 to commemorate the 2nd Ordination Day of H.H. Shrimat Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji, at Mumbai. A treasure-trove of writings (Konkani) of H.H. Shrimat Anandashram Swamiji have been compiled in this book. The topics covered are Adhvaitavedanta, Bhaktiyoga, Karmayoga, Gayatri etc.

In His message at the beginning, H.H. Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji has prayed and wished that this rich treasure - virtually a Mahaprasadam from our Paramguru, should reach every household of our Saraswat Samaj.

Manache Shloka was released on 24th February 2000 to commemorate the 3rd Ordination Day of H. H. Shrimat Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji, at Bangalore. The well-known composition of Samartha Ramdas Swami by the same name is presented in this booklet accompanied by Kannada transliteration of each shloka and its poetic rendering in english. The author is the well-known Shri. H. Shankar Rau (HSR). Revered Swamiji has blessed the publication with a foreword.

Om Namo Jnanadeepaya : Sometime back V. Rajagopal Bhat wrote a couple of articles in English for Sunbeam on our Deepanamaskar Stotra. Recently, Ms. Malini Madiman of Bangalore annotated this Stotra in Konkani for Sunbeam. All these articles have now been compiled together in a handy booklet and published with the title Om Namo Jnanadeepaya. The booklet is available in two versions. In one, the Konkani annotations are in Devanagari. In the other, the same annotations are in Kannada script. Common to both the versions is the English annotation. Priced at Rs. 10/-, the booklet was released by P. P. Shrimat Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji on Guru Poornima (24-7-2002) at Samadhi Math, Mangalore. The booklet contains a beautiful photograph of revered Swamiji taken during Deepnamaskar by Shri Kishan Kallianpur, Bangalore.

Sadyojat Bodhamrut : In the last ten years following His Peetharohana in February 1997, Shrimat Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji has given us continuous opportunities to bask in His Grace - Mantradeekshas, Samuhik Poojans, Sthotrapathans, Bhajans, Upadesha. Every Ashirvachan, every Swadhyaya has inspired, enlightened and enthused thousands of devotees in their quest for spiritual awakening. Every month, without fail, Parampoojya Swamiji's Pravachans on various topics have appeared in the Sunbeam. Dharmapracharak Shri V. Rajagopal Bhat has culled the best of the best from them to bring forth this compilation.......

Geeta Series : Excerpts from Dharma Pracharak Shri V. Rajagopal Bhat maam's introduction to the Geeta Series before Swamiji released the Series

The Geeta Series includes 4 books, the Bhagwad Geeta, the Devi Geeta, the Shiva Geeta and the Gurugeetamrita.The Bhagawad geeta is cherished by votaries of all Ishta Devataas. There is no sectarian slant in its teachings. It is  indeed, a universal scripture.

Our Presiding deity of Shri Chitrapur Math is Lord Bhavanishankar. We all need to know about the significance of Bhasma, Rudraksha and Panchakshari Mantra. For this we need to know the Shiva Geeta imparted by Lord Bhavanishankar to Sri Ramchandra.

Devi Pooja is now part and parcel of our Upasana, specially on Tuesdays, Fridays and during Navaratra. To learn about the modalities of Her Worship, renowned Devi Shrines in India and special Vratas meant to propitiate Her, we need the Devi Geeta imparted by Parvati to Himalaya.

Both Shiva Geeta and Devi Geeta also teach us about certain Vedantic concepts like three Shareeras, three Avasthas and five Koshas. These topics are not specifically dealt with in the Bhagwad Gita.

Who enlightens us about Shiva, Devi or Brahman? It is the Guru indeed. So we have the Guru Geeta, a dialogue between Shiva and Parvati. Guru Geeta tells us about the glory of the Guru, His matchless qualities of head and heart, our duties towards the Guru and the decency and decorum we need to observe in His presence.

Padprakshalan to Phalamantrakshat : Is based on the series of lectures by Dharmapracharak Shri V.Rajgopal Bhat. His lectures have enlightened a larger section of the populace, especially the young, on the meanings and significance of the day to day rituals and practices of our Math & Guru Parampara. In very simple & lucid language Rajgopalmam explains the deeper meanings of these practices and also embarks on a spiritual journey with lavish quotes from the Vedas & the Upanishads. He begins with the Pada Prakshalana & then goes on to unravel the deeper meanings of Dhool Bhet, Ashirvachans, Mantra japa, Pada Puja, Bhiksha and Kshama yachana. He concludes with Deep Namaskars & significance of Chaturmasya Vrata, putting all queries of the seeker to rest. The book is ideal for answering all the queries that our younger generations may ask and also for the sadhakas who have returned to their spiritual moorings. A must for every Chitrapur Saraswat household

The 'Sadhana Panchakam in its new version was released at the August Hands of Poojya Swamiji on Gurupoornima (25-07-2010)at Karla. (Guru, Devi and Shivapoojans)This book tw has two volumes. The first contains transliteration as well as translations of the Sabha commencing and concluding prayers, Gurupaduka sthotram, Shri Parijnan Trayodashi, Navaratri Nityapaath, Bhagawad Geeta Ch 12 & 15,Devi Anushtaan and transliteration of Lalitha Sahasthranam. The 2nd volume contains transliteration and translations of the Purvanga pooja and three Pujans. Cost Rs. 150/-, available at all Math Publications counters