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Shri Chitrapur Math Charitable Trust [SCMC Trust] is a public Charitable Trust.

Sole Trustee : Param Poojya Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji

Committee of Management
Shri Praveen Kadle Shri Anil Bhatkal
Shri Bhavanishankar G Kailaje Shri. Dilip Mavinkurve

In furtherance of its objectives, the Trust is engaged in the following public charitable activity:



The Trust has in its possession, very rare and historically important sculptures, artefacts, palm leaf records, books and literature dating from 300 BC to 1800 AD.

With a view to making them accessible to the general public, SCMC Trust established a Museum in Chitrapur to house and exhibit these priceless treasures. The Museum was inaugurated by Parama Pujya Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji on 29th December 2008.

The Shri Chitrapur Math Charitable Trust is registered under the Indian Income Tax Act 1961 and has obtained recognition under Section 80G of the Act. Donors to the Trust can claim tax exemption of 50% of the amount donated, from their gross total income (subject to certain ceilings).


Please click here for a detailed note on the Museum


The Trust has received approval to accept donations in Foreign Currency under the Foreign Contribution Regulations Act-1976 (FCRA).

Persons desirous of making donations to the Trust may do so either in Cash or by crossed Cheque / Draft payable to Shri Chitrapur Math Charitable Trust Shirali " and remit the same to

The Trustee,
Shri Chitrapur Math Charitable Trust,
C/o Shri Chitrapur Math,
Uttara Kannada,
Shirali - 581 354.

For any queries send your mail to Shri B G Kailaje at Shri Chitrapur Math, Uttara Kannada, Shirali - 581 354.

or email to Shri Praveen Kadle at president@chitrapurmath.net

or Shri Kailaje at scmath@sancharnet.in or scmath@bsnl.in